What is Podiatry?


Podiatry is the branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment of medical and surgical conditions of the foot and ankle. Although the scope of practice does vary from state to state, in Ohio podiatry is defined as “the medical, mechanical and surgical treatment of ailments of the foot, the muscles and tendons of the leg governing the functions of the foot, and superficial lesions of the hand other than those associated with trauma.”

Podiatrists in the state of Ohio are medical specialists in the treatment of medical conditions of the foot and ankle and they are surgical specialists in the corrections of orthopedic conditions of the foot and ankle.

There are a multitude of common foot problems. Some of the more common foot problems involve such simple problems as routine foot care, ingrown toenails and warts. More complex problems may involve diabetic ulcers and infections and major surgical procedures for conditions such as tendinitis or flat feet. Other common problems include heel pain, neuromas and bunions.

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